22 January 2010

Share Your Faith Question #2: My Generation

Who are young adults? How do we define ourselves as individuals and as a group?

"The Splinter Generation," an online community for writers and artists born between 1973 and 1993, describes us as a fragmented, isolated population:

Our generation is split into a million different cultures and subcultures, whether they are religious, musical, literary, ethnic, class-based, or consumer-based. Our identities have become selective and insular. We have each found a little niche we think we fit in and we stay there. As a result, we stay in our little group---our splinter---and we rarely talk to each other.

It is impossible to make sweeping generalizations about us because we're not alike. Because we're so wrapped up in our social groups, we don't pick up as much on ideas and mannerisms and habits of people we don't hang out with, we end up being different in ways that make it impossible to define us as a generation.

Do you agree that young adults, as a group, have no cohesive identity? What words would you use to describe yourself and your peers? What would you say we stand for?

Comments are most welcome!
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