05 January 2010


Are you a Unitarian Universalist age 18 to 40 devoted to ensuring the continued growth and vitality of our denomination?

Are you a Unitarian Universalist over age 40 committed to supporting young people in their efforts to assume leadership responsibilities within their churches?

Are you and your congregation interested in learning how to minister effectively to young adults?

Do you live in southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island?

Here at the Ballou Channing District Young Adult Ministry, we're dedicated to serving you: to EDUCATING individuals and congregations about the lives, concerns, and spiritual needs of young Unitarian Universalists; to ADVOCATING for those young adults as they work to increase their visibility and effectiveness in church; to AIDING churches in their effort to increase the number of young people attending their services and becoming involved in the congregational life; and to INFORMING young adults and their allies about programming that will enrich their church experience.

On this site, you'll find several categories of information related to young adult ministry:

*The Basics: posts who young adults are, what they want, and what they're doing
*Current: Young adults in the news
*Events: Information about programming focused on young adults
*Reading: Books, pamphlets, and curricula
*Around the web: Audio, video, and text resources found online
*Voices: Posts written by young adults

In addition, to the right, you'll find links to other UU websites and well as links to organizations whose ongoing work provides insight into the lives of young adults. (These links will be updated periodically.)

If you have questions or comments about any of the content here, or if you have a suggestion for a resource you'd like to see included, please contact Jen Shattuck, BCD Young Adult Ministry Consultant, at jennytuck81@gmail.com.
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