02 February 2010

Tuesday Links: Young Adults Are...

Welcome to our newest feature, "Young Adults Are..." Every Tuesday, we'll be relying on the internet to tell us about ourselves.

This week, young adults are...

In crisis, emotionally.

People 18 to 29 are "losing confidence in the country's moral direction." We're also liable to suffer long-term psychological consequences because we're coming of age during a recession.

Unhealthy (and likely uninsured.)

We're not getting enough sleep or eating as many whole grains as we should be. In addition, half of us are living with HPV.

Young adults are also...

Feeling good about ourselves.

Young adults are "optimistic" (well, all right: "overly optimistic") about our health and happiness.


Nearly all of us (90 percent) are comfortable with the idea of interracial dating and marriage.

Young adults: do these statistics resonate with you or reflect your personal experience? Do you think it's possible for media to tell the truth (or any part of the truth) about who we are?
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