29 March 2010

"From Many Sources": Monday Meditation

The dead shall rise again.

We know, because we've seen it.

We don't know, and never will, where the leaf's strength comes from in the spring. We don't know, and never will, entirely, where our own strength comes from. But we have known despair, some of us, and deep discouragement, some of us, and discord of the mind and heart, or disasters in the body or the spirit or in both.

We have known dead hope, dead courage, dead caring, dead will, dead faith, dead vision, dead power, deep winter, and we have felt, perhaps when we least expected to feel anything at all, our own slow blood stir in the vein like maple sap, and something very small and tight within begin to swell and open up, urgent, imperceptible at first, then undeniable - love lives again that with the dead has been.

Did the sun come up this morning, no thanks to us and all for us, and did the earth awake again, or did it not?

We will testify to resurrection.

                         --- Rev. Victoria Safford

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