25 March 2010

Thursday Resource: "Songs to Grow Up By" Archive (Part I -- The Good Life: Blessed)

(Did you miss last Thursday's post about resources for Unitarian Universalist parents? Read it here!)

Does young adulthood have a soundtrack? What does it sound like?

Two years ago, with this question in mind, I asked my friends, family, and colleagues to help me generate a playlist of songs that could comfort, inspire, and empower people who are in the process of becoming. I got so many wonderful suggestions for songs back then that one playlist became FIVE playlists, each one with a different theme. (The original playlists have been updated often since April 2008 to include newer music.)

The first playlist, GOOD LIFE: BLESSED, consists of songs that have made people happy or energized them when they've been feeling low:

1. "Energy" -- Apples In Stereo

2. "All This Beauty" -- The Weepies 

3. "I Gotta Feeling" -- Black Eyed Peas

4. "Everything I Need" -- Melissa Ferrick

5. a Plan Pour Moi" -- Plastic Bertrand

6. "Beautiful Life" -- Fisher

7. "Ask" -- The Smiths

8. "Exactly" -- Amy Steinberg

9. "Such Great Heights" -- The Postal Service

10. "Good Day Sunshine" -- The Beatles

I'll be keeping this playlist (and the others, which will be added as on future Thursdays) active in an archive here at Generation Yes. If a song has been meaningful for you, please tell us! All contributions---style, genre, artist, or age---will be accepted!

Today's comment question: what music gives you a lift? Has a particular song helped you feel more confident about the direction of your life?

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