16 March 2010

Tuesday Links: "Young Adults Are..."

It's Tuesday, which means it's time again for the internet to tell young adults about our lives: our interests, concerns, priorities, and opinions. Is the internet right about us? Only you can say.

This week, young adults are:

L.L. Bean's new target demographic. (Bean's new "Signature" line, which launched this month, has been designed specifically for young adults.)

Increasingly anti-choice. (24% believe that abortion should be legal under all circumstances.)

Not the carefree co-eds people assume we are. (More than a quarter of students at four-year institutions work and go school full-time.)

In need of a sex-ed refresher course.

Less likely to buy unhealthy foods if those foods are more expensive.

BONUS: How well do you fit in with the millennial generation? Take the Pew Research Forum's quiz to find out and then post your score in the comments!

Does any of this information resonate with your experience? Are you reluctant to pay more for pizza? Do you believe the sex-ed you received as a teenager helps keep you well and happy today? Do you think you'll wear any of the L.L. Bean Signature collection's "key looks"?

Comments are, as always, much appreciated!

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