01 April 2010

Thursday Resource: BCD Young Adult Ministry Outreach Grant

Is your congregation looking for help in reaching out to young adults? Is your church's current YA ministry program in need of revitalization? Do you live in southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island?

The Ballou Channing District wants to support you! Until May 15th, 2010, it will be accepting applications for the new Young Adult Ministry Grant, which will award $1000 to a congregation looking to fund young adult-focused programming.

The funds could be used to:
  • Develop a targeted ministry based in the congregation to support or develop spiritual growth, life growth, and/or membership and congregation involvement of post-college-age young adults; and/or,

  • Increase awareness of and interest in the Unitarian Universalist movement among young adults within the congregation’s community or on a local college/university campus; and/or

  • Provide a ministry on a college/university campus, such as spiritual retreats, conferences, outreach, worship, group start-up, or a stipend for a campus chaplain or program coordinator

  • Connect the congregation to students attending a local college or university

  • The program or ministry should be considered a part of an outreach program of the congregation and should be incorporated into the overall mission of the congregation for continuing attention.

    Learn more about the grant (and apply*) by clicking here. Any questions can be directed to either me or to District Executive Bill Zelazny at zelaz (at) aol (dot) com.

    *Application must be printed out and mailed.

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