06 April 2010

Tuesday Links: "Young Adults Are..."

It's Tuesday, which means it's time again for the internet to tell young adults about our lives: our interests, concerns, priorities, and opinions. Is the internet right about us? Only you can say.

This week, young adults are...

Wasting our money on weight-loss supplements.

Being used as "free labor," illegally, by working as unpaid interns before and after college graduation.

"Eagerly awaiting" the sequel to 1980's Official Preppy Handbook for some reason. (My fellow BCDers might be interested to know that three of our towns---Chatham and Duxbury, Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island---are classified in the OPH as places where preppies are likely to be found.)

Not sure whether or not having a good work ethic is important. (According to the young adults interviewed for this piece in the Washington Post, they personally are not lazy and spoiled---but their friends and coworkers are.)

"Extremely or very interested" in buying an iPad.

More likely than past generations to identify---if we are women---as lesbian or bisexual. (According to this blog post at Psychology Today, 15% of "young females" say they're not straight. The author, a "physician and a psychologist," wonders: "Are there so many girl-girl couples out there because that's truly who they are - or because the guys are such losers?")

Today's comment questions: Do you spend your money on Xenedrine Ultra? Are you a lazy, preppy lesbian desperate for an Apple tablet?

Also, a weirdness: last Friday's post on the future of YA ministry (haven't commented yet? click here!) came back to me on Sunday when it was included in the Google Alert I receive daily via email.

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