19 April 2010

The Yes! Digest: April 19th

HOUSEKEEPING NOTE: For my sanity and general well-being, posting will decrease to 5 days a week for the foreseeable future. Please visit every Monday through Friday for new issues of the Yes! Digest!

This is: Patriots' Day, which marks the anniversary of the battle (at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts) that started of the Revolutionary War in 1775. To learn more about how and why the American Revolution began, visit the Massachusetts Historical Society's interactive catalogue of original 18th-century documents.

Spirit food: "These are times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, that great characters are formed." -- Abigail Adams

Brain food: Some European countries are turning their garbage into electricity. So why can't the US do it too?  (via The New York Times)

Young adults today...value their privacy (both online and in life) more than the media would have one believe. (via AP)

UU news: The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is sponsoring their Freedom Summer social justice education program again this year. For more about the program, which will take place from July 10th to July 17th and will give participants a deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and connection to the activists who led it, visit the UUSC website. (Thanks to the UUSC's Kara Smith for the heads-up!)

UU voices: Jessica at The Gaytheists no longer considers herself to be a Unitarian Universalist. Are her reasons for leaving the church good ones? Go read and find out!

A joy: Last week, President Obama issued a memo securing hospital visitation rights to GLBT people (at least at facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding.) (via The Washington Post)

A concern: Also last week, the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan had a burned gay pride flag tacked to its front door. We've come a long way in this country toward eradicating homophobia, but there's still a lot of work to do. (via JoeMyGod)

What you can do:
  • To combat homophobia in your community: find and support GLBT community centers in your area at CenterLink. To support school Gay-Straight Alliances, visit the GSA Network.
Churchy things: Can the Bible help you lose weight? Some people think so. (via XX Factor)

Unchurchy things: Curious to try Kentucky Fried Chicken's new Double Down sandwich but don't want to compromise your vegetarianism? Thanks To Vegansaurus, there's a meat-free alternative just for you. It looks...delicious? (via The Morning News)

Young adults of note: Angie De Soto had never heard of climate change before she started college in the fall of 2004. Now she's a nationally recognized student organizer and Virginia Tech's Campus Sustainability Planner. (via Huffington Post)
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