28 April 2010

The Yes! Digest -- April 28th, 2010

 My apologies for being so late with this, folks---tomorrow's post will be up right on time!

This is: International Workers' Memorial Day. Workers' Memorial Day recognizes and pays tribute all those who have been injured or killed on the job in the last year. As Tom Abate notes at SFGate's Get to Work blog, "This year's event occurs at a time when the nation has suffered three major incidents in the energy sector - coal, oil extraction, and refining - resulting in 35 workers killed, several severely injured, and 11 reported missing." (via SFGate)

Spirit food: "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." --- The Buddha

Brain food: Do yourself a favor and remember "The 6 Most Important Things Humanity Just Plain Forgot." On the list are lemons and concrete. Seriously. (via BuzzFeed)

Young adults today...: are "mushy Christians" (and mushy everything else, too: according to a poll done by LifeWay Christian Industries, 72% of people under age 29 consider themselves to be "more spiritual than religious.") (via Newser) I wonder: what does being religious look like? What is it that religious people do or say that makes young adults not want to define ourselves that way?

UU news: The Unitarian Society of Winchester Massachusetts, under the direction of the Revs. John and Sarah Millspaugh, has challenged its members (and all UUs) to celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary for 40 days (until May 27th.) Those who take the 40/40/40 pledge commit to "individual 40-day lifestyle changes for the sake of the Earth and environmental justice." To learn more about the program and how you can take part, visit the official 40/40/40 blog and its page on the UUA website. (via The Winchester Star)

UU voices: Why do the vast majority of "bridged" Unitarian Universalist youth choose to leave the faith? Victoria takes on the question at her blog, Visions of Ministry. Go add your two cents!

A joy: Proof that it's never too late to follow your passions---Hazel Soares, who is 94 years old, will be graduating next month from Mills College with a degree in art history. She hopes to work as a museum docent. Congratulations to her! (via Tonic)

A concern: Today, in an attempt to keep it from spreading to the coast, the U.S. Coast Guard will set fire to the giant oil slick that formed in the Gulf of Mexico after a drilling rig exploded and then sank last week off Louisiana. On the coast nearest the slick is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to sea turtles, whales, and other endangered species. Burning off the oil will produce no small amount of air pollution, but supposedly breathing polluted air is better for animals than drowning in thousands of gallons of crude oil. Either way, I---and many other people---are still concerned. (via NPR and The Rachel Maddow Show)

Churchy things: Have the remnants of Noah's Ark been found in Turkey? "Skeptics are, as usual, skeptical." (via Good Morning America)

Unchurchy things: I try this mind-trick at least once a week---whenever I forget my phone---and it never works. Clearly, I am not alone. (via The Daily What)

Young adults of note: Before she died last month of Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 25, Eva Markvoot used her blog 65 Red Roses to raise awareness about her illness and write honestly about the experience of living with it. (Eva's memorial service will stream live on her blog on Friday evening at 4 PM Eastern Daylight Time.) (via Jezebel)
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