09 April 2010

The Yes! Digest -- April 9th, 2010

Wondering why there's no Share Your Faith question this week? Check out yesterday's post!

This is: National Name Yourself Day. (Do you feel your name fits who you truly are? What would you name yourself, if you could?) (via Namely Marly)

Spirit food (in honor of Name Yourself Day): "Please call me by my true names, / so I can hear all my cries of and laughter at once / so I can see that my pain and joy are one." -- Thich Nhat Hahn, "Please Call Me By My True Names"

Brain food: Ever wondered what our planet---and its weather, and the effects of climate change---looks like from space? The London Guardian, in collaboration with NASA, presents Satellite Eye on Earth, a gallery of photographs showing everything from sandstorms in China to floods in Spain. (via Very Short List)

Young adults today...: will text message in almost any environment or situation, even when it might get them kicked out of bed. (via TG Daily)

A joy: It appears that playing video games---specifically Tetris---after experiencing a major trauma can "wipe out the bad memories and reduce distressing flashbacks," helping to prevent the onset of PTSD. (via The Telegraph)

A concern: On Wednesday evening an unidentified 23 year-old man was killed in Boston when he was hit by a bus while trying to pry loose his bicycle, which had gotten stuck on some trolley tracks. The driver of the bus was 29---also a young adult. Please keep both these people and their families in your thoughts and hearts today. (Via WCVB)

Churchy things: Judith Shulevitz's book The Sabbath World is, she says, "the history of a good idea": it considers the day of rest as it's been observed throughout Judeo-Christian history and wonders if we'd all benefit from reviving the practice of unplugging once a week, literally and figuratively. (Jen's review: an elegant meditation and a convincing argument that the pace of modern life makes the practice of keeping the Sabbath---in whatever way you choose---more necessary, not less.)  (via Slate and Fresh Air)

Unchurchy things: Someone figured out how to make music based on the movements of the planets in our solar system. I don't understand how it works, but it's eerie and beautiful (and eerily beautiful.) (via The Rumpus)

Young adult(s) of note: Mobolaji Akiode, a 27 year-old Nigerian-American athlete, has founded Hope 4 Girls Africa, a non-profit devoted to empowering African girls between ages 12 and 18 by encouraging them to play basketball. To learn more about the program, and to donate, click the link above. (via Good Morning America)

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