17 June 2010

The Yes! Digest -- June 17th, 2010

This has been: International Fathers' Week. Looking for a creative way to honor your dad? Take some inspiration from these families' traditions and then check out New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof's list of non-necktie, make-the-world-a-better-place Father's Day gifts.

Spirit food: "What is the basic nutrition for the soul? For some air, night, sunlight, and trees are necessities. For others, words, paper, and books are the only things that satiate. For others, color, form, shadow, and clay at the absolutes. Some women must leap, bow, and run, for their souls crave dance. Yet others crave only a tree-leaning peace." -- modified slightly from Clarissa Estes

Brain food (juice edition!):
Today's young adults are:
UU news: The sixth video in the UUA's series "Unitarian Universalism: A Commitment For Our Time" tells the story of how one congregation---the First UU Church of San Diego---started a successful young adult ministry program and became truly multigenerational. (Thanks to Peter for the link!)

A joy: These little pellets---called seedbombs---can help make your city or town a greener, more beautiful place. Sponsor a seedbomb vending machine visiting Kickstarter. (via The Daily What)

A concern: "A California environmental group found levels of lead in children's juice products that far exceed state law---and in some cases also exceed federal levels for young children."(via NPR)

Good question!: "Can whale poop stop climate change?" (via Mother Jones)

Churchy things: Back on April 12, I posted about a piece in the Boston Globe that examined the phenomenon of "non-believing clergy." This paper from Tufts University asks ministers who no longer subscribe to the creed of their faith about the evolution of their religious beliefs. (via The Washington Post)

Unchurchy things:
  • Want your 20s to be a roaring success? Learn from these people. (Already out of your 20s? Write your younger self a letter!)
  • Your weekly dose of Muppet: Back in the late 1960s, Kermit and friends made training videos and advertisements for computer giant IBM. (via Elizabeth McCracken)
  • We now all have words for the peculiar sadnesses of modern life. Behold: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.
How to: Clean an oiled pelican, step by step. (via BuzzFeed)

Young adults of note: Zach Anner became an instant internet celebrity when he posted his audition tape for Oprah's "Your Own Show" competition on YouTube this week. If he wins, Anner (who has Cerebral Palsy) will host a travel show "for people who never thought they could travel." Vote for Zach at the link!
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