29 July 2010

The Yes! Digest -- July 28th, 2010


For music festival goers and people who commute to work on public transportation: How to walk efficiently through crowds. (via Wired)

For students: How to email your professor. This good, hilarious advice might just help you get that extension. (via The Rumpus)

For Unitarian Universalist young adults who want to help revitalize YA ministry: Join Kinsi at Spirituality and Sunflowers for his series on the topic.

For those who find themselves in sticky, etiquette-related situations: How to avoid being rude. (via Mighty Girl)

For people who want to eat better---and do it with their friends: How to start a dinner co-op! (via GOOD)

For do-gooders who want to do better: How to "spice up your charitable efforts." (via Slate)

For people with squirrels in the attic: How to get a wild animal out of your house. (via Apartment Therapy)

For moms and dads: How to parent with more joy and more sanity. Scroll down to the comment section for pearls of wisdom. (via Mission Amy K.R.)

For those of us in need of a little summer fun: How to make your own "extended polymer chains from household chemicals"---or, in other words, Silly Putty. Sylvia of the Super-Awesome Mini Maker Show shows us how. She's really great. (via Craft)
For gardeners without green space (and veggie-loving homeowners without green thumbs): How to collaborate with your neighbors to grow and share produce using "free yardsharing service" Hyperlocavore.
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