03 April 2010

Recap Saturday!

Welcome to the weekend and to our newest feature here at Generation Yes: Recap Saturday!  Each week you'll have the opportunity to catch up on whichever blog posts you may have missed, and also check out the kind of things young adults around the country and the world have been thinking, saying, and creating.

What you may have missed this week while you were busy out there in the world:

On Monday, we meditated on this reading about the miracle of Easter from the Reverend Victoria Safford.

Tuesday had us talking, among other things, about how best to do laundry.

Wednesday's post was non-existent, postponed until next week so I could rest the shoulder I injured while at a youth conference last weekend. Typing has been painful, and posting might continue to be a little wonky into next week as I recover. I apologize and hope you'll bear with me!

On Thursday we learned about a grant being offered by the Ballou Channing District which would allow congregations to improve their young adult programming options and outreach activities. (If your church is in southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you should apply!)

Friday asked: what do you want the term "young adult ministry" to mean? What do you want church to be?

Please comment on any and all of these posts (especially the last one.)

What various talented, curious, truly awesome young adults have been up to:

Lisbeth Miller, a young adult artist from Maine, creates gorgeous cut-paper mandalas that she sells in her Etsy shop. To learn more about Lisbeth, visit the blog she keeps with her mother, Martha Miller. (via SouleMama.)

One of Ze Frank's current projects is called  "Young Me/Now Me," and it consists of people---mostly it's called  and it consists of people---mostly young adults---restaging their baby pictures.

April is National Poetry Month! Every Saturday this month I'll be posting links to poetry written by people under 40. First up, several pieces by Michael Lynch: Read "Song of Suburbia," "Small Thanks," and "Lost" at White Whale Review and  "Falling in Love With the Girl With a Facial Tic" and "You Will Disregard the Following Directives" at In Posse Review.

Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see you Monday morning!

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